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At the law offices of Smith Ammons, our team of highly experienced and skilled attorneys is ready to provide you with high-end disability rights advocacy and legal advice. Our legal services are geared towards ensuring that our disabled clients are in a position to engage and participate freely in the economy and society.

We also work toward removing any limitations or obstacles that are obstructing our clients and keeping them from exercising their legal or fundamental rights.

Keep reading to learn more about our extensive disability legal services and how we can help you live an uninhibited life.

Disability Client Services

Our primary disability legal services pertaining to the representation of adults and children in educational matters, as well as related areas of probate and disability law compliance.

Infringement of a disabled person’s interests can take place in a wide range of settings, including educational and healthcare facilities, custodial arrangements, and in the public arena.

If your civil rights as a disabled person were violated or if an institution or person discriminates against you, we will seek a satisfactory remedy on your behalf and provide you with supporting legal solutions.

Social Security Disability Attorneys

Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income benefits is crucial to ensure you and your family’s well-being. At Smith Ammons, our goal is to help our eligible clients to be successful in their application for disability benefits.

It is a fact that most first-time applications for Social Security Disability benefits are denied. This means that many people that are eligible and entitled to receive these benefits are discouraged and go on to live their life without it.

Smith Ammons have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to the laws and procedures relating to disabilities. Consulting with us is one of the most effective avenues to be successful in obtaining the disability benefits that you need to get by.

If you were denied disability benefits or experience any difficulties during the application process, we can help. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Why You Need SSDI Legal Services

The reason most disability claims for SSDI are unsuccessful is not due to the applicant’s disability, but because the application doesn’t meet the complex and multiple documentation requirements.

The best way to ensure that your application meets all the SSDI requirements is to make use of the services of an experienced and skilled disability benefits attorney. A professional will also be able to ascertain if you meet any exceptions to ensure a successful claim, even if you have not worked long enough.

Each situation is unique, and Smith Ammons legal services will allow you to have the best possible case to obtain the benefits that you helped to pay during the time you were able to work.

Benefits Of Our Legal Disability Services

If your rights as a disabled person have been violated or if you are busy going through the SSI disability claim process, you need the best representation possible. Keep reading to learn how our services can be beneficial to you.

One of the biggest benefits of making use of our legal services is that it speeds up your case. Applying for Social Security disability benefits or filing a claim to protect your rights as a disabled person can be a long process. If you make use of Smith Ammons legal solutions, it can help to speed up your case significantly.

It is also important to remember that, although you don’t need an attorney to represent you at a Social Security Disability hearing or to appeal a denial, your chances of winning a case improve considerably if you have one. Smith Ammons has an excellent track record when it comes to winning disability cases. Contact us today to ensure successful representation.

The legal solutions we provide to our clients are comprehensive and effective. We formulate the best theory for disability to ensure that you win your case. We will also prepare you for your hearing, arrange for witnesses, make sure that all relevant documentation is in order, and more.

Let Smith Ammons Take Care of Your Needs

Dealing with the intricate processes of SSDI claims and legal proceedings can be overwhelming. At Smith Ammons, we have a team of successful and dedicated attorneys that will provide you with the best possible representation and advice throughout the entire process.

Don’t miss out on the financial assistance that the Social Security Disability program has to offer you. Contact us today to protect your rights.

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