Just because someone had a drink or two does not mean that they were driving while intoxicated. The fine for a DUI is a lot cheaper than hiring a lawyer, so you might be tempted to just plead guilty to the DUI, take the hit, and keep going. However, the real penalty for getting a DUI in South Carolina is not the fine for the DUI, but everything that comes along with it. A guilty plea for DUI is the worst thing a person in this situation could do.

A good lawyer can help you beat the DUI charges.

Charges and other driving offenses can substantially affect your background, obtaining/maintaining employment, major purchases and many other life altering decisions. A drunk driving conviction could cause problems well into the future. We will help clear up any confusion and alert you to any and all possibilities regarding your charge and what we can do to help you with your case.

Getting convicted of a DUI will be much more expensive than the cost of hiring a lawyer to defend you. So you’ve been charged with a DUI and you know that you really don’t want to be convicted of a DUI. When representing a client that is charged with a DUI, a good DUI attorney understands that there are very specific requirements that the police have to follow. Law enforcement officers must follow requirements in the roadside sobriety tests, in videotaping the procedures, in conducting the breathalyzer tests so that they’re accurate, and in calibrating the breathalyzer machines to maintain their accuracy. An attorney experienced with DUI offenses can often suppress evidence or get evidence thrown out so that the other side cannot make a valid case.

At Smith Ammons we will take every measure to attempt to beat your DUI charge or negotiate the DUI charge down to a lesser charge. You have options and we will explain them and then help position you to have the best defense available in moving forward. Call Smith Ammons now at (843) 407-1583 to speak with a DUI Attorney Florence and Summerville, SC today.

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