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Resolve Your Legal Dispute Efficiently and Effectively with Mediation in South Carolina

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party helps parties in a legal dispute reach a resolution. It can occur at any point in the litigation process and is mandatory in all 46 counties throughout the state. Mediation allows parties to craft a resolution that mitigates risks and reduces emotional hardship compared to going to trial. It is typically very successful when done correctly and can save parties a great deal of money and stress. The mediator does not force a settlement or make a judgment on the case, but rather helps the parties to reach a compromise.

In South Carolina Family Court actions, parties are required to participate in at least three hours of mediation unless an agreement is reached beforehand. Mediators are often attorneys who have undergone specialized training. Smith Ammons is a law firm that can provide experienced representation and mediation services for Family Court cases, including hosting mediations in person or virtually.

David M. Smith - Certified Family Court Mediator

After being admitted to the South Carolina Bar in 2012, Mr. Smith began practicing as a family court attorney based in Florence, South Carolina. Almost immediately, he saw the benefits for clients that attended mediation. In 2018, Mr. Smith attended the additional training required to become a certified family court mediator. He has since provided mediation services to many individuals across the state.

Here at Smith Ammons, LLC, we have the facilities and technology needed to effectively and efficiently mediate your case. If you are not already a client of ours and are need of mediation, please give us a call or have your attorney call and schedule your mediation with us.

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