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Compensation For Injuries

Accidents happen. Injuries at work are not only limited to people working in warehouses or industrial settings, but also office workers. Carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back injuries, and injuries from falling off platforms or ladders are common examples of work-related mishaps.

If you obtained an injury on the job, Smith Ammons legal solutions can help you recover compensation for your injuries, medical bills, as well as loss of wages.

Filing a Worker's Compensation Claim

An injury you sustained while carrying out your work-related duties can constrain your movements, cause pain, or prohibit you in some other way from carrying out your duties and going to work to earn your income. Such an injury can also result in personal financial costs to you personally, especially if you had to undergo medical treatment.

It is for this reason that certain state and federal laws make provisions for workers’ compensation benefits. The goal of these benefits is to provide you with the income that you lose out on while you are busy recovering from your injury.

Pursuing compensation, however, can pose a challenge to an injured worker, especially if they have no experience with filing and litigating workers’ compensation claims. In many cases, even eligible claims are disputed by employers and their insurance providers.

If this is the case with your workers’ compensation claim, it is important that you find a reputable attorney with in-depth knowledge and experience on these matters. Smith Ammons is a reputable law firm with a high success rate and excellent track record, especially when it comes to successful workers’ compensation claims.

Applicable Laws

According to a federal and state laws that relate to workers’ compensation, you are entitled to receive a number of benefits, including permanent total, permanent partial, or temporary partial disability benefits. Depending on the injury, you may also be entitled to claim for medical benefits, loss of wages, or vocational rehabilitation benefits.

These laws include state workers’ compensation acts that make provisions for payments to employees when they’ve sustained injuries while carrying out their work-related duties without having to engage in legal action with their employer.

The primary goal of some of these laws is to place liability on the employer to pay benefits to an eligible employee without taking negligence from either the employer or the employee into account. It is important to remember, however, that the employee had to sustain the injury as a result of their employment and that an employer-employee relationship has to exist.

How Smith Ammons Can Help You

As a claimant of benefits, Smith Ammons can provide you with a wide range of high-end legal solutions. Our representation services include gathering all medical evidence and records and depositions, conducting discovery and extensive legal research, and drafting all the documents necessary to support your case. These documents include findings of fact, pleading, briefs, and more.

We also provide you with extensive representation when you have to litigate your case before a judge.

Our Representation Services

Smith Ammons's representation services primarily consist of filing and litigating your claim. These services are quite extensive and include consulting with you and providing you with advice and guidance throughout the workers’ compensation process. As part of this service, we will also contact the relevant medical providers to complete all the paperwork to support your claim.

Our more hands-on representation services include negotiating settlements with your employer on your behalf. We will also represent you during all proceedings, for example, hearings, trials, depositions, and mediations.

Why Choose Smith Ammons?

Successful filing and litigation of a workers’ compensation claim require high levels of skills and knowledge. Smith Ammons's legal team have extensive experience in litigation and negotiation. We also have in-depth knowledge of all workers’ compensation laws and procedures.

On the administrative side, we also have excellent oral and written communication skills as well as research and investigative skills. This means that your case will be clear and to the point and not clouded by ambiguity and uncertain claims.

Since workers’ compensation claims are one of our areas of specialization, we also have an in-depth understanding of work environment issues pertaining to, amongst others, the medical, engineering, construction, and scientific industries.

Apart from our professional knowledge and skills, you can also expect Smith Ammons to be your partner that is dedicated to achieving a successful outcome. Our legal team has a professional and empathetic approach to dealing with clients.

If you need a highly skilled and experienced attorney that is personally invested in the successful filing and litigation of your workers’ compensation claim, contact us for a free consultation today.

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